DIY Firepit

I’m not much for camping, but I do love a good campfire. I don’t know if it’s the sing-alongs, the stories, or maybe it’s the S’mores (yes, it’s probably the S’mores), but having a cozy gathering spot for outdoor living is a fantastic way to spend time with the family. Melissa’s DIY firepit, shared at The Inspired Room, is a great outdoor DIY project that anyone can tackle.

DIY Firepit the inspired room

Once your surface is prepped, you can have a firepit assembled in around fifteen minutes. The stones give this project a finished look, and the metal bowl makes for easy clean-up. You can be out roasting marshmallows in no time! To view Melissa’s supply list and watch a quick how-to video, visit The Inspired Room and learn more about her DIY firepit.

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