Hidden Alarm Panel

It’s always been a “necessary eyesore.” You know what I’m talking about, the alarm panel that builders so often thoughtfully place on the most conspicuous place on the most prominent wall of your living space. Thanks to Chelsey from The Paper Mama, the security necessity no longer has to be an eyesore. She recently shared a hidden alarm panel with readers on the Better Homes and Gardens “Style Spotters” column, and we just had to spotlight it here.

Hidden Alarm Panel the paper mama

With some hinges, Command strips, and a favorite canvas print, you can camouflage your alarm panel just like Chelsey did. No more eyesore! It’s important to note that this hack won’t work with your thermostat, which needs to be able to read the temps in your room to work properly. Now guests in your home can admire your favorite print instead of the blinking lights of your security system. Visit Chelsey at Better Homes and Gardens for the complete tutorial for this handy hidden alarm panel.

Filing this in our Household Tips gallery.