Catscraper DIY Cat Scratching Post

You’ve tried it all. Tape on the furniture, spray bottles, to no avail. Your beloved Fluffy keeps clawing your favorite things. Today’s Daily DIY specifically addresses all members of Pet Lovers Anonymous, Feline Division. You don’t have to raise a hand. We know you’re out there. To save your sanity, we offer you the one and only “Catscraper” DIY Cat Scratching Post. Save yourselves, your furniture…and your cat.

DIY Catscraper Cat Scratching Post Maison Kuotidien

Karen at Maison Kuotidien shows us how she made this very inexpensive version of a high dollar scratching post with just a few materials and a lot of time. We think the exchange is worth it, taking all things into consideration. A project like this is a proverbial peace treaty between human and feline, and what cat lover wouldn’t love that? So go ahead, Snowball. Do your worst.

For more on the “Catscraper” Cat Scratching Post, check out Karen’s tutorial, and we’ll file this in our Pet Projects gallery ;).


  1. Thanks Amy for the feature! :)
    -Karen & Kittles

  2. Karen Colton says

    I love this idea and if you spray it with the liquid cat nip spray they will never touch your couch again

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