DIY Farmhouse Pendant

Modern farmhouse style is a far cry from predictable barn reds and dark wood everything. Today, white planks and plenty of natural light take center stage to create a calm and inviting environment. The occasional dark neutral brings welcome contrast as do textural metals, as is the case of this Laundry Room Farmhouse Pendant. For surprisingly little money, Shayna at The Wood Grain Cottage conceived a light fixture worthy of the pages of Restoration Hardware.

Farmhouse Light with Chicken Wire The Wood Grain Cottage

There’s a lot we love about this project, for starters, the $30 budget for a light fixture. We also love the simplicity of this project from materials to construction, and how perfectly does it finish off this space? What do you think of this Laundry Room Farmhouse Light?

Look for the tutorial in our Lighting gallery.


  1. Seriously brilliant design. I love the raised washer/dryer — no more bending over! Why didn’t I think of that?

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