DIY Luggage Rack

Holiday guests are on the way. You’re refreshing your soaps and bed linens and stocking up on new towels for impending visitors. When distant family and friends descend upon your home, you can prepare yourself all the more by adding an extra touch to welcome overnighters with this DIY Luggage Rack. We spotted this sweet little suitcase perch over at DIY Show Off along with other tips by blogger Roeshel on how to be guest room ready.


We love how simple this design is to replicate. On the scale of difficulty level, this one falls into the easy category. From our estimates, this project is doable for less than $20 and you’ll have it for years to come.

Look for Roeshel’s DIY Luggage Rack in our Entertaining and Storage & Organization galleries.


  1. Awesome surprise! Thanks SO much for the feature! xoxo

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