DIY Rug Ottoman

Stop the presses, it’s love at first sight! This DIY Rug Ottoman spotted over at Teal and Lime caused this casual reader to pause mid bite over a lunchtime chicken taco and say “Bwaa? You did this for 50 bucks?” Okay, slight exaggeration, but nevertheless, relief set in as blogger Jackie explained how it’s done for those who want to create an ottoman just like this one.

Think about the durability here. No more palpable tension when friends and family kick up their dirty dogs for a little down time because this piece was meant to stand up to daily living.

diy rug ottoman tealandlime

 Of course, no need to create an exact remake. The world is your oyster when all you need is an ordinary ottoman and a tough-but-sassy patterned rug. A pair of scissors, a staple gun and a screwdriver will be your companions to get ‘er done in just a few hours. Ta daa! Here’s a shout out again to Jackie over at Teal and Lime for a job well done. Kudos to her hubby for weighing in on pattern preference. Find this DIY Rug Ottoman in the Home Decorating gallery.

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