Make DIY Gradient Typographic Wall Art

Ever look at someone’s craftsmanship and ask yourself “How did they do that?”. Today’s post shows how to Make Gradient Typographic Wall Art. Seems like a mouthful, but really it’s simpler than it sounds. More commonly known as ombre effect, this technique uses repeated layers of stain to draw out the beauty of wood grain. The finished product creates an alluring effect. Make Gradient Typographic Wall Art Manmade DIY

As Chris at ManMade explains, Wood + Jigsaw = possibilities galore. What shapes couldn’t you create? In his tutorial, Chris illustrates how he uses an overhead projector to sketch out his design. An extra tip: choose a stain and wood that will bring out the best in each other, and your Gradient Typographic Wall Art is sure to shine.

Thanks for sharing your creativity Chris. We’ll file this tutorial in our Home Decorating gallery.

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