Homeownership Survival Guide

Let’s face it, homeownership can be a little daunting at times! We love being masters of our own space, but those pesky “Honey-do”s can get in the way of sheer bliss. So today’s Daily DIY is a Homeownership Survival Guide, and who can do without that? Whether it’s the occasional clogged drain, a misbehaving garage door, or the more serious call for a fire extinguisher, your go-to resource is here once and for all.

Homeowner Survival Guide


List of supplies for the homeowner see these 25 DIY Essential Tools

– A deep breath, and repeat the phrase “You’ll never sink this boat!” (courtesy of Lieutenant Dan in the film Forrest Gump).

There’s no more reliable source for a Homeownership Survival Guide than the good folks over at This Old House, and we thank them for putting our collective minds at ease. Look for this article in the Home Improvement ¬†and Household Tips galleries. Then bookmark it, pin it, print it!

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