How To Build A Dollhouse

Thank Heaven for Little Girls, says the old song. When we see this sweet dollhouse made by Jamin + Ashley at The Handmade Home, we remember why. When we watch their imaginative play, we can’t help but melt a little inside. That’s why we love today’s tutorial on How To Build A Dollhouse. Few things are as precious as children at play, and this is definitely one way to create memorable moments for that special young lady in your life.How To Build A Dollhouse The Handmade Home

Ashley estimated their cost at under $300, which isn’t bad for a future family heirloom. Can you imagine how excited your little girl will be picking out colors and furniture? She’ll know that her dollhouse is completely unique. Now that’s a worthwhile investment! Be sure to visit this tutorial on How To Make A Dollhouse¬†and we’ll file it in our Baby & Kids gallery. Great job, guys!


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