How To Get Gross Smells Out Of Furniture

how to remove smells in thrift store furnitureA hobby that many fellow DIYers share is thrifting. Did we say hobby? We meant obsession. It’s the same story. We come across that perfect piece, squeal in triumph and begin the thorough inspection, only to open a drawer and say “Pew! What is that smell?!” Today’s Daily DIY on How To Get Gross Smells Out Of Furniture tackles what could be a dealbreaker. No longer must we walk away from a potential project that was otherwise so close. Our gal Amy over at Atta Girl Says offers the steps necessary to get that ultimate piece smelling spanking fresh.

Cost is almost a non-issue, as you can probably find most of the supplies needed around your home. The only price paid is a little time and some elbow grease. That being said, we’d like to say thanks again to Amy  at Atta Girl Says for letting us in on her secrets of How To Get Gross Smells Out Of Furniture.

We’ll remember these in our future endeavors. Look to the Household Tips gallery for reference. So go forth, my fellow thrifters on the continual hunt for a great score!


  1. Thanks so much! Will be using the tips for sure!

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