How To Make A Bottle Lamp

Every well coordinated room needs a statement piece. Nothing says wow factor like a bold and beautiful light fixture, and if you can’t find one you love, then it’s time to do it yourself! Today’s Daily DIY shows you How To Make A Bottle Lamp with an example provided courtesy of Melissa at The Inspired Room. Melissa attests that if she can do it, you can do it.

How To Make A Lamp The Inspired Room

As Melissa shows us, just about anything can become a lamp. All that is needed is a container, a socket, and a cord. The beauty of this project is that there are nearly limitless possibilities for what can be transformed into a light fixture. Maybe a favorite souvenir or family heirloom? So when you find that special something that lights you up on the inside, follow these instructions on How To Make A Bottle Lamp and you’ll have a great new piece for your home.

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