Make Your Own Metal Tags For Your Herb Garden

Herbs for President! Desired by all and for those of us who lack year round sunshine or a greenhouse, we¬†wait for gardening season. So when the sunshine rolls in, out comes the green thumb. Today’s Daily DIY teaches how to Make Your Own Metal Tags For Your Herb Garden. Because let’s face it. We like pretty things. If we can create delicious and pretty in one go, well, we may as well give ourselves a selfie back pat. These are a great housewarming gift too!

Herb garden metal tags pretty handy girl

The beauty of this idea by Cristina at Pretty Handy Girl is that it doesn’t have to stop at herbs. If you’re handy with a metal cutter, the whole garden can experience this transformation. Who knows what could happen? Your tulip patch just might spontaneously start singing a la Alice In Wonderland.

You only need a sunny afternoon and about $3 for the ducting material to get this done. Additional materials to Make Your Own Metal Tags For Your Herb Garden can be found at Pretty Handy Girl. This project is available in the Outdoors gallery. Thanks, Cristina, for the inspiration!


  1. Hi Amy, thanks for sharing such a wonderful idea and also I would like to thanks to Cristina to generate such a creative idea..Woow! that is a fantastic idea to have such a gorgeous metal tags in my garden. I can’t wait to give it a try for my nice green garden.

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