Railroading Fabric

Hear the word “railroad” and you think of train stations, the Wild West, and, if you’re like us, Monopoly boards. Certainly design is not the first thing to mind. Okay, unless you’re Emily Henderson. But lo and behold, it’s a common term in the world of re-upholstery rescue. Railroading Fabric is that genius method used to eliminate the unsightly seam, and can lead to some rather eye-catching results, as Spruce Austin shows us in today’s Daily DIY.

Railroad Fabric Spruce Austin

Deciding to re-upholster a favorite-but-threadbare piece or flea market find has it’s ups and downs. The pros? You are only limited by imagination and budget. The cons? There are variables with time and cost. Roughly $50-600.¬† Spruce Austin didn’t just quit with their Railroading Fabric¬†idea. They give further tutorials on their Tips page, so hit it up for the how to’s. Find this article in the Fabric Projects gallery!

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