Recycled Pallet Rain Barrel Stand

Today’s Daily DIY is Going Green, thanks to this Recycled Pallet Rain Barrel Stand. We know that many of you live in areas where water is more scarce in the summer months. Some cities enforce ordinances at this time to preserves stores. That’s why we chose this weekend warrior project. Keeping your own supply of water can make all the difference between a dry bed or a lush oasis, or whether you can plant a vegetable garden that will produce all season long.

Recycled Pallet Rail Barrel Stand


 For complete project details and list of supplies, visit Instructables.

Just about anyone can make this Recycled Pallet Rain Barrel Stand by Midnight Makeover. The design takes up little space and can be easily hidden in a convenient corner of the yard. With a little time and elbow grease, you can have a personal water source that will last you through many years of dry seasons!

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