Wine Barrel Lazy Susan

Today’s feature has the best of both worlds: beauty and functionality. This wine barrel Lazy Susan from a LO and behold life makes a lovely centerpiece for Lauren’s kitchen table, but it also serves a practical purpose for entertaining.

Wine Barrel Lazy Susan a lo and behold life

Originally used as a table topper, this piece needed a little TLC before it could be converted. Lauren notes that store-bought Lazy Susans often carry a hefty price tag, but purchasing your own wine barrel leaves you with more than enough wood for several DIYs.  My brother-in-law has been using whiskey barrels from a local distillery to create custom tables, so I think I’ll pass along this feature with a strong hint about my Christmas wish list for this year! I don’t know who the original Susan was, or why she was labeled “lazy,” but the invention named after her sure is handy! To see Lauren’s tips for constructing a wine barrel Lazy Susan, stop by a LO and behold life.

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