How To Make Your Own Wallpaper

“My wall should be as festive as I feel”, says Victoria at A Subtle Revelry. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, which is why today’s Daily DIY shows How To Make Your Own Wallpaper¬†. Here’s the dirty little secret: you don’t have to pay big bucks to do it. Victoria adds a touch of whimsy to her walls with cheerful colors in a chevron inspired¬†pattern. And as you can see, the beauty of this application is that you can let your personality shine with your own design.

How To Make Your Own Wallpaper A Subtle Revelry

This is a do as you please kind of project, blank canvas and all. At $3 a roll, it’s really just a matter of how large the space is that you plan to cover. How much time it takes will also depends on the intricacy of your pattern design. Add a little imagination and your on your way.

We’d like to thank Victoria for the inspiration and the how-to. We’ll keep this article on How To Make Your Own Wallpaper in the Home Decorating gallery for future reference.

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