How To Paint Diamonds On The Floor

When it comes to design, well placed pattern is a plus. You’ve looked at curtains and sofas, but you’ve got to consider the floor! Today we bring you a tutorial on How To Paint Diamonds On The Floor. Our friend Rhoda at Southern Hospitality used this technique on her screened porch, and the results are beautiful! Take a look, we think you’ll agree.

Paint Diamonds On Floor Southern Hospitality

The beauty of this application is that you aren’t limited to outdoor surfaces. An interior space can shine as well with a pretty pattern as its base. You’ll need to set aside two days for sure for a standard sized room, and allow time for touch up! Depending on how many colors you use, your cost will be about $30-60. Instructions are found at Southern Hospitality, and we’re sure you’ll love the end result!

Thanks, again, Rhoda, for showing us How To Paint Diamonds On The Floor. Enjoy your new porch! We’ll file this one in the Paint and Flooring galleries.

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