Refinishing Rattan Chairs

Uncluttered spaces have a way of cleansing the mind. With life and schedules as hectic as they are these days, it’s no small wonder that we’re drawn to fresh and light spaces. One way to get the look in your dining area is by Refinishing Rattan Chairs. If what you want is that clean and casual feel, Sarah of Sarah M. Dorsey Designs shows us how she did it on the cheap. Read on to see how these chairs went from blah to B-E-A-utiful.

Refinished Rattan Chairs Sarah M Dorsey Designs

This is a great way to get a new set of chairs in your dining space for less than $75. Between the sewing, cleaning and painting, tackling a full set of chairs will take the better part of a weekend, and it will be oh so worth it when it’s done. As Sarah describes in her tutorial, prep work goes a long way ┬áto a better quality end result.

We’ll add this article on Refinishing Rattan Chairs to our Furniture Makeover and Paint galleries. Thanks, Sarah!


  1. Thanks SO much for the feature Amy and Kate!! xo sarah

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