Vintage Kitchen Cart Makeover

For the DIY crowd, nothing is quite so satisfying as a great makeover with paint! This Vintage Kitchen Cart Makeover was a true beauty just waiting to be revealed. Chaney at May Richer Fuller Be saw the inner swan in this former ugly duckling and shows us how she used elbow grease and imagination to take this piece to its fullest potential.

Vintage Kitchen Cart Makever May Richer Fuller Be

Any flea market find can become a thing of beauty. In this case, all it took was three cans of spray paint. With the help of a trusty orbital sander to get rid of the rust and chipped paint, Chaney quickly transformed the Vintage Kitchen Cart with a fresh new look.

Such a fab color! We’ll be filing it in our Furniture Makeover and Paint galleries for future reference.


  1. Wow! Thanks for including my kitchen cart over here! What a treat. Thanks Amy!

  2. That is the sweetest kitchen cart ever. Care to share the brand and color of the spray paint? Thanks

  3. oops! sorry! I just found it in the content of the post.

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