Front of House Trellis

Even if you're the best of friends with your neighbors, it's nice to have a little privacy, right? This front of house trellis is an excellent solution to a porch that had an unsightly view of the … [Read more...]

Tiled Planter

It's November and we're hanging on to the very last amounts of sunshine this year, but you'll probably want to store this idea away for when spring beckons you into the garden once more. Today we're … [Read more...]

DIY Saladbox

In today's Daily DIY, Julie Chai gives a basic tutorial on how to customize a ready-made window box into an Easy Access Planter in three simple steps. So if you're a fan of edible gardens, or if you … [Read more...]

Circular Campfire Swing

As fall approaches, cooler temperatures will tempt us to take refuge inside, but there are plenty of evenings to be spent under the stars. We're drawn to today's Daily DIY for how it creates a zone … [Read more...]

Pallet Gardening Table

We begin this week by dreaming of the weekend. With fall looming before us, our minds turn to bulb planting and winterizing our gardens. If your yard lacks the proper work zone, you might consider a … [Read more...]

Outdoor Marquee Letter

Looking for some interesting outdoor lighting? This Outdoor Marquee Letter is it! This conversation piece does double duty with its soft illumination that also brings that wow factor to your exterior … [Read more...]

Make Your Own Metal Tags For Your Herb Garden

Herbs for President! Desired by all and for those of us who lack year round sunshine or a greenhouse, we wait for gardening season. So when the sunshine rolls in, out comes the green thumb. Today's … [Read more...]